a snapshot of my adventures

Follow me on my journey as a yoga teacher in Caribbean Costa Rica, living out my dharma and trying become the best version of myself. What led me to this place was swapping the daily slog and my life in London 2 years ago for a cabin-sized backpack and a one-way ticket to Bangkok where I quickly got the ‘bug’ and joined the world of the vagabonds. I travelled through South East Asia, Europe, Northern Africa and parts of Central America to get me to where I am today, both geographically and spiritually. While travelling was a life-changing experience – I’ve not stopped for good! – it was time to get back in tune with who I really am, realign with my core values and live a life of integrity.

Here you’ll find my meditations and musings as I journey along this path of yoga (union) but you can also read about wild adventures from my exotic travels, too.

       ‘Rebirth: the moment when people wake up to their power and start moving towards their freedom’ —  Paolo Coelho

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